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A study found that 1% of American homes that are listed are classified as fixer upper homes. This percentage varies by state, with Mississippi and Maine having 5%.

If you have a fixer upper home, you may want to sell it fast. Selling a house has a tendency to drag on, becoming an inconvenience to homeowners.

If you are selling your home, you will want to figure out how to sell it quickly. This will allow you to close that chapter and move on to the next chapter in your life.

Keep reading to find out how to sell a fixer upper home fast.

Create a Clean Canvas

To sell your house, you need to make sure you create a clean canvas. This rule applies to any kind of real estate, whether it is a brand-new house or a fixer upper home.

You should have already begun to work on this process ahead of time. Homeowners should begin preparing their homes the minute they decide to sell them.

This will help you to save time and reduce the stress that you feel during this process. After all, you may have accumulated quite a lot of stuff during your time in this home.

Remove Clutter

The first step to take is to remove all clutter from your home. This is a good time to go through all of your possessions and see what can be donated.

You may even need to rent a trash container for this process, depending on the amount of stuff you have. Plan on setting aside a few days to complete this process.

The goal is to remove your home of all of the excess items. Anything that you want to keep should be boxed and put in storage or moved to your new home.

Removing clutter is important because you need to clean the space before you sell it. This is also important because it creates a more desirable space for potential buyers.

No one wants to buy a home that is cluttered and full of someone else’s items. Keep in mind that it is okay to leave behind some stuff in your home.

For instance, you should leave behind some of your best pieces of furniture. Later on, in this process, you will use this furniture to stage your home.

But make sure anything on the floor is gone and the majority of the space is empty.

Remove Personal Items

When you are decluttering, you also need to make sure you remove personal items. Personal items are not good when you are reselling your home because they are a distraction.

It can be difficult for people to imagine your home as theirs if they see your personal items. It also clutters the space and takes away from its beauty.

Keep an eye out for personal items like family photos and wall art. This includes removing all of your home decor and either getting rid of it or packing it up in boxes.

Creating a clear space allows potential buyers to envision your home the way they like it. This is very important when it comes to fixer uppers that may be a bit outdated.

Do a Deep Clean

It is also very important that you do a deep clean when you have decluttered the home. Part of the decluttering process is done to reveal the bare bones.

This is going to make the cleaning process simpler since you are able to access every area. Make sure you get into all those hard-to-reach places that collect a lot of grime.

Sweep and mop hardwood floors or vacuum and shampoo carpets. Depending on the types of walls you have, you may want to wash the walls and corners.

Don’t forget to dust surfaces and remove cobwebs as well as clean the baseboards. If your home has ceiling fans, these should also be cleaned as they can be very dirty.

Another cleaning task you may forget is to clean the windows. Make sure all smudges and streaks are removed to provide a clear and bright view.

This is also the time to tackle any staining, mold, or mildew that you find throughout your home. Make sure you air out your home after cleaning in case you use strong cleaning products.

Make Necessary Repairs

Now that your home is clean, and mostly empty, look for repairs. This is not the time to tackle large repairs, but you may notice small issues after removing things.

You may have noticed that a few of the baseboards are dinged and need to be refilled and painted. Or you may have noticed some marks on the walls as well as holes.

These are considered to be small repairs that you should make during this step. They may not seem significant, but these little problems can really stand out.

You want the inside of your home to look as new and polished as possible. This will help to distract from the fact that it is a fixer-upper home.

Remove Window Treatments

It is also very important that you remove any window treatments in the home. These are somewhat personal and signify your personal taste.

Window treatments are also a bit bulky and can distract people from the room. You want to expose the windows and allow people to see in and out of the house.

Window treatments are also magnets for dust and cobwebs. Removing them will help you to clean the space better and have better access to cleaning the windows.

If you are still living in the home, you may have to postpone this step. You may not want to remove the curtains while you still need that privacy.

Make It Look More Appealing

Another way to make a fixer upper home more appealing is with small changes. These are small things you can do, to immediately make your home more beautiful.

Small steps like these may not feel like they are doing anything, but they do help. After all, first impressions are everything, and you want your home to look its best.

There are a few tips that experts use to make homes stand out to potential buyers.

fixer upper home

Touch Up Paint

After you have decluttered and deep cleaned your home, you may notice some issues. One of these issues may be the paint on the walls.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for interior paint to become damaged. There may be dings in the walls or scratches across the paint.

Or you may have moved something to find that someone has drawn on a part of the wall. These are all problems that you should address with some fresh paint.

If you are really committed, you could repaint the interior of your home. Keep in mind that this is time intensive and is going to cost you a small investment.

For homes with fresh paint and minimal damage, this isn’t necessary. It is only necessary if the paint is very outdated or very damaged.

You should also take this time to freshen up any other painted areas of your home. This could include cabinets, baseboards, or framing.

Take a tour around your home and inspect all these areas. You might be amazed at what you find when you take the time to look.

Add Brighter Light Bulbs

One tip to make your home more inviting is to switch out the lightbulbs. Most homes have relatively yellow-tinged lightbulbs to create a warmer look.

But this can actually distort the appearance of the inside of your home. The better option is to buy brighter high wattage lightbulbs that will light up the rooms.

Choose a lightbulb that is natural or warm for a natural sunlight effect. You don’t need to add these lightbulbs everywhere, just in the main areas of the home.

For the most part, bathroom lights are usually a brighter white with a slight blue tinge.

Rearrange Furniture

It is also a good idea to do a bit of staging in your home. After all, there is a reason why there are professional stagers who do this for real estate agents.

Make sure you only leave behind the best pieces of furniture. These should be in good condition and should look good inside the house.

Try to rearrange the furniture in ways that make sense. This is a great way to divide larger areas and break up the home to create perspective.

This is going to help potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. They will be able to look at your setup and imagine their furniture in its place.

This also helps the house to feel like an actual home, not just a large space. This is something that can commonly happen with homes that have an open or large layout.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could also do a little more staging. You could set up lamps by the furniture, have some decor in the kitchen, or create a tablescape.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard and over-personalize the home.

Switch Outdated Elements

When you are trying to sell a fixer upper home, it may be a bit outdated. A lot of fixer uppers tend to be slightly older, which is why they need some work.

Because of this, your home may have some outdated elements. Although this is not a huge problem, it can make your home a little harder to sell.

Buyers may focus on those outdated areas and struggle to envision the potential of the home. This also means that they will have to do more work, making the home less appealing.

Something you can do to counteract this is to switch out outdated pieces. For instance, buy new switch plates and outlet covers that are modern and minimal.

These not only look better, but they will work better as well. You can also look at the lighting options and replace them with more modern alternatives.

Other small finishes you could do is replace knobs and handles. These are small changes that won’t cost a lot but could have a huge impact.

Add Greenery

Something that immediately elevates a space is greenery. If you are officially ready to sell your fixer upper home, you should invest in this small element.

Adding pops of greenery to a home brightens the space and makes it feel more open. This is a great way to add simple decorations without over-personalizing your home.

You could add a potted plant near a window or a vase of flowers on the table. These are very inviting and make the space feel homey and bright.

This is also a great option if your home tends to be a bit dingy inside. This may be the result of poor natural lighting, yellow light bulbs, or dark-painted interiors.

Make It Smell Good

Most homes tend to have a certain smell that is all their own. This is usually a combination of food that has been cooked, cleaning products, and other small scents.

When you sell your home, you want it to be as appealing as possible. One way to do this is to give it a beautiful fragrance that is memorable.

You don’t want people to be hit with a dog smell or a musty smell when they enter your home. Many people also associate pleasant smells with good memories.

They will be more likely to remember a home that left a positive impression. You can do this by using plug-in scent diffusers around your home.

This is the best way to give your home a beautiful fragrance without overdoing it. You could also use diffusers in other areas if you don’t want to use plug-in options.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to necessarily cover other odors. Covering bad or unpleasant odors is never going to work out very well.

Identify Major Issues

When selling your home, you want to address superficial issues. But once those have been addressed, you also need to identify major problems.

By definition, a fixer-upper home usually requires repairs. These are usually going to be some form of major maintenance that must be addressed by the buyer.

These are also considered to be potential deal killers. This is because many buyers may be scared away at the idea of having to fix these major problems.

Some examples of major problems could be a leaky roof or a faulty HVAC system. There may be plumbing problems in the home, or there may be water damage.

These are examples of fairly large problems that will need to be addressed eventually. These are problems that you will not usually address yourself as the home seller.

Even though you won’t be addressing these problems, you still need to identify them. You need to know what you will be required to disclose when selling the home.

This will also impact the desired asking price you could set for the house. The larger and more expensive the repairs, the less money you can expect to get for the home.

Boost the Curb Appeal

The next step in the process of selling your home includes the outside. Believe it or not, the curb appeal of a home has a huge impact on its value.

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling something like a home. The outside of your home can either attract or deter potential buyers.

The good news is that you do not have to do a lot of outdoor work. Depending on the state of your home, these may be some cosmetic touches that only take a few days.

It is a good idea to set a budget for yourself during this process. You will want to decide how much you are willing to invest into the house before you sell it.

Your budget will predict what choices you can make to touch up the exterior. One example of a more costly option would be repainting the outside of your home.

This would boost curb appeal, but it would be a big investment. That is why it is not always the best option for people looking to sell their homes fast.

Maintain Landscape

The first thing you need to look at when it comes to curb appeal is the landscape. Your home most likely has a front yard that immediately catches attention.

Does the grass need to be mowed or trimmed? Do you have flowerbeds that need some work? These are areas to focus your attention on.

You may not have the time or the budget to plant flowers or add outdoor design elements. This is fine, since these touches are not necessary for a beautiful landscape.

The most important thing is that everything has been cleaned and trimmed. The easy way to do this is to hire a landscaping company to clear up the space for you.

They will be able to remove unsightly debris and touch up your grass. They can even lay out gravel or bark in bare areas that need something.

Do Any Repairs

The next thing you need to address is any small repairs outside of the home. This could include all kinds of things, from a broken porch step to damage to the siding of the home.

A lot of minor exterior damage is not going to be very expensive or hard to fix. That is why it is often worth going to the effort to make these small repairs.

If you still have your house paint, you could even touch up certain areas. If you don’t have the resources available, you could also hire a handyman to address these issues.

The main repairs you should focus on are anything that is a safety risk. A loose step or an uneven pathway are both things that could be considered safety hazards.

Try to focus your efforts specifically on the very front of the home. Check around the front door to make sure none of the sidings needs to be repaired or the door itself needs to be repainted.

Add Plants

A great way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to add plants. Everybody loves plants, and they immediately catch the eye.

You may not have the time or the money to plant different plants, but there is an easier way. You can buy a few potted plants to place around the front door.

This creates a cozy and inviting space that draws the eye toward the house. This also helps the home look manicured and maintained, a huge benefit for buyers.

Remove Outdoor Objects

A lot of people personalize the outside of their homes with outdoor decorations. This could include bird baths or birdhouses that are in the front of the home.

You may even have a statue or a fountain positioned in your front yard. As beautiful as these elements are, it is best to remove them when selling your fixer-upper home.

Just like you did inside, you want to create a clean slate on the outside. This is appealing to people and allows them to apply their vision to your home.

This also removes any objects that could potentially be a distraction. For some people, they may see these types of outdoor decorations as an eyesore instead of something beautiful.

You should also remove any outdoor furniture that you have outside. This furniture will not be in use right now and could potentially clutter up the outdoor space.

Outdoor furniture is also just one more thing that you need to make sure is maintained.

Be Realistic About the Price

When selling a house, it is very important that you stay realistic about the price. This is especially true when it comes to fixer upper homes.

The reality is that you are not going to get a huge amount for a fixer upper home. These homes usually require repairs, bringing down the asking price.

This is something you will want to expect and prepare yourself for. This is why it is important to identify the problems with your home so that you have realistic expectations.

You could also do a bit of research to find out how much your home would go for. This could give you some examples of what you should be expecting.

It is also important to remember that selling a home fast has some drawbacks. You may not be able to get the amount you want if you want your home to sell as soon as possible.

Getting the price you want takes time, and if you don’t have that time, you may have to settle with the next best option.

Choose Your Selling Method

The next thing you need to do is choose the selling method for your home. There are several options that are commonly used and have found great success.

But not every option is going to be the best for your home and your situation. For instance, if you need to sell your home fast, traditional options may not work.

Listing your home on the market works, but it takes a significant amount of time. Some houses fly off the shelves, while others sit on the market for months, if not years.

This is why traditional home selling is a bit risky for homeowners. There’s no way of knowing how quickly your house will sell, putting you at a disadvantage.

Even hiring a real estate agent does not guarantee a quick sale. Some homes aren’t as appealing to the current market, such as fixer-upper options.

This is why more and more homeowners are gravitating toward a more modern option. There are companies that will buy your home from you to later resell.

This cuts out the need to impress potential buyers when it comes to your home. This also means that you will be able to sell your home much faster if it is a suitable option for the company.

Jax Home Offer is one of these companies that provide offers for homeowners. If you choose to accept that offer, you will be able to sell your home in as little as a week.

Why Use Jax Home Offer to Sell Your Home?

If you have a fixer upper home to sell, you may be wondering why you should sell it fast. Some people are not in as big of a rush, but you may be wondering if this is still the better option.

Most people need to sell their homes quickly for specific reasons. But there are plenty of benefits to doing this, even if you aren’t in a rush.

No matter what your situation is, no one likes to have this process dragged out. This is something that commonly happens when you go the route of listing your home on the market.

Here are some examples of why using Jax Home Offer can be so beneficial.

Quick Payout

One of the biggest benefits of selling a home fast is the quick payout. The faster you sell your home, the faster you will have that paycheck in your hand.

Even if you aren’t technically in a rush, everyone enjoys this feeling. Getting the money for your home opens up all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.

This could allow you to put a down payment on a new home or on a new property. Or you could invest it somewhere else so that it benefits you in the future.

Traditional ways of selling your home don’t allow you to get a quick payment. Your home may be listed for quite some time before someone gives you an offer that you accept.

Even after that has happened, there is a long process before you ever receive the check. This can be a huge turn-off for homeowners since they are left waiting for payment.

Buy a New Home

If you’re able to sell your home fast, you can move on to the next place. The majority of homeowners are unable to arrange a new home until they sell their current one.

Homes are very expensive, and you need a significant down payment. There are also times when the marketplace is extremely competitive, and dozens of people are putting in offers.

The sooner you receive your payment, the sooner you can put in offers for new homes. This is important since you will need a new place to live once you move out of your current home.

Move Quickly

A lot of homeowners may have plans to move somewhere else. They may be moving to a different town in their state, or they may be moving out of state.

This big life change is difficult to juggle when you’re trying to sell a fixer upper home. You do not want to be held back waiting for your home to receive offers from potential buyers.

You also don’t want your payment to be caught up in the legal process. These are all things that are very frustrating and can put stress on your moving plans.

Going with a company that gives you an offer for your home solves these problems. You can sell your home fast so that you can start the next part of your life stress-free.

Fixer Upper Home: How to Sell It Fast

Selling a fixer upper home is a big process that could take a while. If you want to sell this home quickly, there are a few things you will need to do to move this process along.

Are you interested in selling your home fast? Contact us today at Jax Home Offer to get started selling your home.