7 Tips For Selling Your Ugly House

Are you dealing with the stress of selling an ugly home?

It’s time to reassure your fears! Did you know that many buyers and investors are looking to purchase “diamond in the rough” homes?

Whatever the reason that you’re trying to sell your house, there are methods for putting the house on the market in a strategic way and get your money’s worth.

Read on to learn seven tips that you can use to sell your ugly house!

1. Smart Pricing

Let’s start with a simple pricing strategy.

If you’re wondering “who will buy my ugly house?” but planning to list the property at top-dollar in your market, you should reconsider.

Even if your house is a one of a kind fixer-upper, a home buyer will need to sink a large amount of time and money into repairs and remodeling.

Do a realistic evaluation of what potential buyers might offer before listing.

Remember that high prices may dissuade buyers that are handy, while a reasonable price will help even the ugliest house sell quicker.

2. Highlight the Good

Buyers will get a first impression of a home from a variety of places.

Some will drive by. Some will attend an open house or showing. Others will browse online.

The key thing to keep in mind is that first impressions count. Think about the beautiful features of your home, rather than the ugly.

Work to highlight the good features in photos and point them out in listing descriptions to make a good first impression!

3. Don’t Try To Hide The Flaws

Even as you put the best features of your unsightly house in the forefront, it is wise to not try to hide its flaws.

Be direct and upfront with potential buyers about the house’s problem areas. Take photos of the negative features and include them in the listing.

Being honest will help you avoid any delays or surprises during the inspection, walkthroughs, and closing.

4. Consider Your Audience

You might get lucky and find a buyer, couple, or family that wants to purchase your home.

However, ugly houses that need repairs and renovations can come with fewer buyer prospects and potential lending issues.

With that in mind, consider that your target buyer audience might be real estate investment companies and house flippers.

These types of buyers are more likely to purchase a home as-is.

Try including keywords in your listing such as:

  • “Home sold as-is”
  • Fixer-Upper
  • “Investors Wanted!”
  • TLC needed

These phrases will catch the attention of the right type of ugly house buyers.

5. Give Your House a Facelift

If you want to go the route of renovations to try and boost the value of your home, a facelift is a good place to start.

While it is not the cheapest home renovation, consider budgeting to replace the house’s siding.

New siding will give the house an entirely different look, appearing newer and more beautiful than before!

6. Small Details Can Make a House Shine

If you’re not ready to spring on larger exterior renovations, like a siding replacement, pay attention to the smaller details of your home. Small upgrades can have a big impact while not putting a large hit on your budget.

For example, you could replace window shutters with a newer and slightly more expensive model.

You could also add interior decor like new lighting fixtures, crown molding, finials, brackets, and new door and window hardware.

Simple bathroom renovations such as faucet polish and new shower heads go a long way to making the bathroom look new.

Finally, nothing will bring the interior of a home to life like a fresh coat of paint. Considering ripping out any old wallpaper and replacing it with a paint style and color that is trending in your housing market.

7. Transform the Porch

When it comes to giving ugly houses a needed boost, think about the exterior details as well.

Decorate your entryway to take it from average to million-dollar-home level. You could add small pillars, a new door, or a porch overhang to dress up the landing.

If the porch is off the table, look into the landscaping instead.

Have you been keeping up with mowing the lawn? Could the trees and shrubbery use a quick trim? Maybe planting some flowers could add a splash of color to an otherwise drab front yard. Think about repaving the cracked or stained driveway and power washing the whole house.

These types of exterior renovations are simple and often require only a little time and money, but can do wonders to justify a higher listing price.

A Word of Warning on Budget

It’s worth mentioning that you should take your budget into consideration when planning any type of renovations or repairs for ugly houses.

Don’t overextend yourself financially. Carefully plan any renovations to ensure that they work within the profit margins that you’re seeking for the sale of the home.

It’s easy to go overboard and find yourself in the red, so don’t be afraid to shop around or consider fewer options if you plan to do home improvements!

Take Your Ugly House to The Market!

With these seven tips in mind, you’ll have a better chance of getting your ugly house on the market, in the best possible shape, and sold as quick as possible!

Don’t get overwhelmed in thinking that your house won’t be able to sell. In many cases, there’s a buyer for every house!

Looking to sell an ugly house fast and get cash? Get started by contacting us using our quick form! We’ll send you a fair cash offer in as little as 24 hours!

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