How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

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If you want to relocate to a new destination, without all the stress, our team can help.

Many people are getting new jobs and homes, but selling their current ones causes a delay. We buy houses in Jacksonville FL and can get you one step closer to your new home. Before you start packing, however, you need to know the benefits of selling a house for cash and make a plan. 

Please take a look below to discover how you can sell a house with our help and no realtors! 

The Foundations of Selling a Home 

Without help from an agent, you might feel a little lost at times.

Jax Home Offer hopes to ease your mind and give you the confidence to tackle the project. Depending on how you sell, it can be a quick and painless transaction, but the wrong move can have consequences. Fortunately, there is a path that we’ve broken down so you can feel prepared.  

The Florida housing market has remained strong over recent years. This is one of the busiest markets, as retirees and new residents take advantage of the weather and opportunities. There is currently a rise in demand for houses, and Northeastern Florida is no exception. 

Since your home is something you hold dear and treasure, you don’t want it to go into the wrong hands. Keep reading to discover the basics of selling a home without a realtor. This route will help you earn more money and increase your pride.

Compare Listing & Quick Sale Options 

Have you told people that you’re planning to put your house up for sale by owner and they give you a strange look?  

Listing your house for sale with an agent is the most common route that homeowners take. This is because they want to avoid dealing with paperwork, negotiations, and research. Unfortunately, these services come at a cost, and leave people with less money than they expected. 

If you list your home with a traditional option, the process will take longer. This time is used to confirm that potential buyers can afford and finalize the purchase. It’s also extended when contingencies are attached to offer letters and the agent must handle communication. 

Listing a home is a good way to make money, but if you’re on a time crunch, it can become more of a hassle. The stress of closing on time when you need to move for a job or school can interrupt your life and increase anxiety. When you do a quick sale with our team, however, this stress disappears. 

Quick sales are a great option for homeowners who must move quickly. Whether it be from a divorce, inherited home, or job change, we can help you out. This option is still a real estate transaction, that can even help you avoid foreclosure.

Ultimately, the fastest and easiest way to sell a home is to do a quick sale. You can quickly earn cash for your home if you agree to our fair payout and move on to more exciting things. Although you may sacrifice some of the home’s market value with this route, you can save money by avoiding fees and agent commissions. 

Prep the Home

Regardless of the pros and cons of selling a house without a realtor, the home must still be prepared.

Bad curb appeal and dirty interiors can reduce the profits you make on your home. If you want a high offer, you need to present the house in the best light possible. Decluttering is often the first task to tackle when it comes to preparations.

As you reduce your belongings, you can start packing and cleaning. This process will have to occur, regardless of how you choose to sell. Unless you’re planning on leaving everything behind, you’ll have to give yourself enough time to move things around. 

If you work with Jax Home Offer, you need to know how we work. We can offer cash for your home in as little as seven days, so you don’t want to hold off on these time-consuming tasks. Once the house is prepped and you’re feeling in control, the rest of the process should go smoothly.  

List the House

Many homeowners are intimidated by the listing process and hire a real estate agent. 

Although there is some research involved, you can make more money listing independently, than with an agent. It’s best to start your research with local and state laws so you understand general guidelines. There are a variety of ways to list your house, so you can select the most appropriate one for yourself. 

Free real estate sites, social media, and apps have made listing a simple process. You can avoid agent fees by listing your home in almost the same way they would have. Facebook, Trulia, and Zillow are some of the most reputable 

Regardless of how you list the home, you want to upload high-quality photos and descriptions of the home. This can be time-consuming, especially if you want to save money by doing the photography yourself. Our company won’t request as much info, so you can focus on other things. 

Jax Home Offer can help if your home hasn’t had movement in the market. If listing your home without a realtor doesn’t give you the offers you want, you can save time with an offer from our team. You don’t have to list your home to sell it to us, you only have to give basic details so we can compare them to our purchasing criteria. 

Market Your House

Time constraints and offers can make marketing an overwhelming task for home sellers. 

There are so many places and ways to market a home, that many people freeze under the pressure. Even with a real estate agent’s help, a lot of these decisions and the work will still fall on you. Understanding this responsibility can help you decide if it’s worth your time and energy.  

You can avoid all of this marketing by contacting Jax Home Offer. We will buy houses “as is” so that you don’t have to stress. This can also come in handy if you’ve inherited property you don’t want. 

With so many houses on the market, you don’t want to deal with getting overlooked. Traditional listings can sit on the market for weeks or months, just because of photos and descriptions. We eliminate those details and get money into your hands quickly. 

Negotiate for the Best Price

Every homeowner wants to get the most money possible for their house. 

The average home prices have increased nearly 50% over the past 3 years. This is a large factor when people sell their homes and why they avoid quick sales. Although you may not get your full market value with this route, it balances out after fees and timelines are considered. 

If you sell the traditional route, you’ll have someone to coach you through the negotiations. This can be an advantage for some, but if you know the true value and conduct market research, you don’t need this support.

When you sell your house through Jax Home Offer, you can expect a fair offer immediately. Some homeowners have been offended by the offers they recieve because potential buyers don’t see the potential. Our team views every home as a possibility for improving the communities in the greater Jacksonville area. 

Accept an Offer & Close

After marketing your home, you will likely recieve offer letters.

Closely read the letters and look into the potential buyers interested in your property. The details can give you insight into how the due diligence and closing periods will work. Once you accept an offer, don’t be surprised if you need to do appraisals, inspections, or title searches.

There is often a final walkthrough while the mortgage company completes underwriting. If you get a cash offer, the underwriting won’t be as long as a loan. Unmet contingencies and discoveries can impact negotiations.

We offer a smoother transition to closing. You won’t have to fit in last-minute changes or negotiations since we stick with our offers until closing. 

What Are the Benefits of Selling a House for Cash?

If you talk to any agent or homeowner, they will always recommend you take a cash offer.

The reason is that cash offers finalize quicker and have less paperwork involved. More than 60,000 home sales were made with cash offers in 2022. Cash offers are becoming more of a possibility and you don’t have to deal with as many inconveniences. 

Things happen and when you think a sale is going to go through, the buyer pulls out at the last moment. When you sell a home for cash, there is a smaller timeline and chance of things changing unexpectedly. 

Selling a home with a cash offer comes with many benefits, which we will dive deeper into below. 

No Need for Bank Approvals 

After accepting an offer on your home with a traditional listing, underwriting and approvals begin. 

The bank takes weeks to complete underwriting and approvals, but with a cash offer, there are fewer details to work out. Without the need for extensive bank approvals, you can sell your home quickly and find relief. 

In many cases, our clients request a short sale from the bank. If you can prove financial hardship, or an inability to make payments, they may approve the sale. This will have a small impact on your credit initially, but in the long run, you can repair it more quickly. 

Banks understand the cost of a foreclosure and the impact they have on their customers. If you’re struggling to pay for a property, you can avoid lengthy approvals and find immediate help. Without owning a home, you can focus on bank approvals to get a new place instead.  

More Profit for You

If you look at the bigger picture, you can profit more from a quick sale.

We can purchase your home in as little as a week, which can relieve you of responsibilities and payments. Interest will only continue to grow when you’re falling behind on house payments. It will take longer and you will spend more to own the house.

Starting over with a more affordable home will positively impact your future. You can move forward with minimal credit and financial damage, instead of struggling for the months to come. 

Another way you’re profiting from selling a house for cash is that you’re benefiting the community. Our team renovates homes and revitalizes neighborhoods so that everyone can love where they live. You can trust that your home will be taken care of, which is also nice to know if it’s an inherited home.  

No Agent or Hidden Fees to Deal With 

Do you know what attorney fees, appraisals, and taxes all have in common?

These, along with closing costs, HOA fees, and repairs are hidden fees that sellers don’t account for. Deciding on a fair price may seem simple, but after the sale and paying for these fees, you end up with less money than you expected. 

There are many unexpected costs when it comes to selling a home. Each upgrade, service, and consultation increases your bill and comes out of your profits. This can be frustrating when you trying to get the highest offer but can’t predict the actions needed to close the deal. 

Listing commission is common when you sell with a realtor, but you can avoid this fee when you accept a cash offer. Although this may seem like a small commission fee, it’s quite significant when you look at the savings. Most homeowners can save around $10,000 on their house, depending on its value. 

Avoid Open Houses

Dogs, work schedules, and children make open houses a nightmare when selling.

A lot of time and effort goes into open houses, especially since you need to clean things up. Unfortunately, all of these efforts may go to waste if no one shows up or makes an offer. This is a frustrating part of selling a home and marketing the house.  

If you need to quickly relocate and don’t want to deal with the hassle, our Jacksonville team is ready. You can get a fair cash offer for your home without having to let strangers inside or compare contingencies!  

The last thing you want to deal with during major life changes is random people coming into your home. These people may or may not make an offer, so all of the coordinating to get the kids and pets out could be for naught. Jax Home Offer ensures you will get an offer on your house, even if it isn’t through Augustus. 

Less Time Spent on Curb Appeal

One of the greatest things about working with our company is that we don’t care what the house looks like.

Jax Home Offer takes the hassle out of selling when the home is run down. You can avoid paying for landscaping services, repairs, and deep cleaning if we accept your house “as is.” Along with saving money and time, this process will also prevent delays in the market. 

Some people don’t have the tools to get landscaping projects done. Instead of spending your money on these items and irritating your sinuses, you can move on quickly with one of our cash offers. 

If you live in Orange Park, FL, we can buy your house “as is.” This will give you the chance to spend more time packing and preparing for the move. Traditional listings with an agent will extend your time doing the lawn or paying for landscaping services.

Our quick solution reduces your responsibilities in a matter of days. When you look at all the savings you’ll benefit from with a quick sale, it often balances out the short sale. 

Quick & Seamless Transactions

Whether you need to sell your home because of a new job, family, or divorce, we will get you through the process quickly. 

Cash offers speed up the transaction process when selling a house so you don’t have to deal with the drama. Depending on your situation, emotions could be high and you don’t want them to cloud your judgment. Jax Home Offers provides clients the chance to make their money without negotiating compromises. 

Typically, it takes homes 30 to 45 days to sell on the Market. From this point, negotiations and closing paperwork can delay the transaction even more. We want to reduce this timeline with quick sales that help our company, you, and the neighborhood. 

Since closing will come quickly, you can start focusing on your next move. You shouldn’t be worried about contingencies and price changes at the last minute. We value the time of our customers by giving you an offer and then letting you decide what to do.

If you work with Jax Home Offer, you don’t have to have an answer right now. If you’re not ready to sell, but are curious about your offer, we will speak when you’re ready. Depending on how much time has gone by and the market changes, the offer could be subject to change. 

Prevent Foreclosures

If you’re on the verge of foreclosure, Jax Home Offer can help you prevent the issue from arising. 

Many people do a quick sale on their home through our company to avoid losing their home to the bank. Getting a quick sale will prevent foreclosure, but it will still be a short-sale transaction. Banks are more willing to settle for a short sale since it costs them more to conduct a foreclosure.

When you can stop your mortgage loan from being a total loss, you will end up in a better position. This can be common for homeowners who can no longer afford a house they previously bought. Instead of putting your finances and credit at risk, you can negotiate the short sale and look for more affordable housing. 

If you’re not paying on your home and you’ve received eviction and foreclosure notices, you need to act quickly. Before this all becomes finalized, you have a chance to reverse the damage. Once the bank takes ownership, however, you will lose all rights and they will repossess the home

Our method of preventing foreclosures helps restore homeowners’ dignity and finances. If you’re going to lose the home regardless, a short sale is a much better option. Risks can be easily mitigated if you’re drowning in large payments that you could previously afford. 

What Does Working with Our Team Look Like? 

Living in Northeast Florida is nice, but relocating can come with many advantages.

If you’re in the Middleburg area, our team can walk you through the process of selling your home. Jax Home Offer is a local company that purchases homes in their current conditions. The owner, Trevor Augustus, has set out to help people in the community through these purchases. 

You must be confident with your selling decisions so you don’t have any future regrets. By learning about how we buy houses in Jacksonville FL, you can trust your choice. Although we aren’t real estate agents who list properties, we are still involved in the industry. 

What makes our company different is that we are real estate investors. We take a hands-on approach to investing in the industry by purchasing homes and renovating them. We offer cash payments to reassure homeowners that their homes are going into good hands. 

You can find a breakdown of our process below to prevent surprises. 

Getting Started

The first step for Jax Home Offer is to give our team some basic details about the home you want to sell. 

This phase goes quickly and is a free process. There is no obligation for you when you submit basic details of the house. We need to know about your property, however, to determine if it fits our needs. 

You won’t get harassed or hassled when you fill out our quick form and you can call if you have questions. Our quick form will only take a moment, you just need to provide the house address, phone number, and email address.

When you sign up for a fair cash offer, there are no false hopes. Jax Home Offer will present a value or refer you to another buyer. This helps homeowners who always want a backup decision since we have many resources in the industry.  

We Review Your Home

Our team will closely look at your house details to determine if it meets our buying criteria. 

If your home is accepted, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. We compare your home to our current purchasing criteria and try to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. 

First, we start by reviewing the location of your home and the surrounding houses. This is basic market research that realtors use during traditional listings. We use this info to determine a fair price for your home with a full perspective. 

Next, we will review the necessary repairs for the home. Since we intend to rent or sell the house after upgrades, we must know what we are signing up for. The current conditions of the property will reflect your home value.

Some people try to make repairs and upgrades before connecting with our team to get the highest value possible. If you don’t have the time, however, our services can be beneficial. 

Curious about how we make money and why we are a successful company? Our team reviews your home and gives you an offer, but it’s just the start of our process. We do all of the updates and repairs that the home needs, so you don’t have to. 

Not only does this process save you time, energy, and money, but it also helps the neighborhood. Jax Home Offer hopes to revitalize areas that don’t get enough attention, which helps other people in the community. 

You’ll Receive Your Offer

Attending your scheduled appointment is essential if you want to receive a written offer.

Our company will draft a fair offer letter for your home. Not only will this provide you will additional details, but it also acts as a contract. This is the amount that will be agreed upon for legal purposes and you should get an offer within 24 hours. 

We typically buy homes below their market value, but this discounted price comes with several advantages. Our company understands that life happens and we can’t always prepare for the unexpected. When life has you stumbling and you need to move or sell a property quickly, we are a reliable option. 

The best part about our offers is that they will be cash! Cash offers prevent long timelines for finance approvals and agent fees. Jax Home Offers works efficiently to help homeowners find relief. 

Getting to this point doesn’t mean that you’ve already committed to selling. We offer no-obligation pricing so you can decide once you have the details. Knowing what we are willing to offer can help you weigh the options. 

Keep in mind that if you do choose to sell with an agent, you can still use our services if it’s taking too long. Some of our clients have contacted us after seeing the frustrating process of traditional listings. 

With us, you’ll get a solid number in writing. It will be backed up on paper and there will also be a money deposit you can keep if closing doesn’t occur. You can be days away from cash in your hand if you work with our team.  

Closing Time

There may be less paperwork for selling a house without a realtor, but the title company must still get involved.

If you accept our cash offer letter, we will close on the deal at a reputable title company in the area. Since we are located near Middleburg, Orange Park, and Jacksonville, you shouldn’t have to travel far. This process won’t take long and you should expect to recieve your cash within seven days. 

Selling with a real estate agent takes an average of 50 days for closing to finalize. Sadly, there isn’t much that people can do to expedite this process if they are under time restraints. People can also back out and make changes to their offer letter when agents are involved. 

Home appraisals and inspections won’t impact closing time when you make a quick sale. Jax Home Offer is an excellent option if you want a seamless transaction without delay. You won’t be met with long bills and payments at the end of the process either! 

We are a perfect solution for people who are feeling burdened by a piece of property. You can get away from hefty monthly payments and avoid financial disasters with our quick sale options! 

Other Essential Info 

Many questions arise when people are thinking about contacting Jax Home Offer. 

Our team is available to help you with any questions and concerns, but we will jump into some of the most frequent ones that we see. When you sell your home to our company, you won’t be working with agents. Jax Home Offer doesn’t buy homes to list, but instead, we may repair the home and sell it again. 

In the future, you may see your previous home on the market for rental. Depending on the house, we will rent it out to residents at affordable rates to help the community. The goal is to improve the area and bring it to life with new residents and opportunities. 

If you’re curious about the team, daily operations are managed by the company founder, Augustus. Since the start of the business, he has purchased hundreds of homes in the Northeast Florida territory. When you support Jax Home Offer, you’re also supporting Daniel House, The Impact Youth Center, and the Children’s Home Society. 

We Buy Houses in Jacksonville FL to Help Homeowners 

Packing and preparing for a move can be overwhelming, especially when you have an agent scheduling open houses. 

We buy houses in Jacksonville FL, so you don’t have to stress over your relocation. You can enjoy the many benefits of selling a house for cash with a simple call. After our team reviews some of your house details, we will present you with a fair offer and no hidden fees.

If you’re ready to leave your home and explore new areas, connect with us today

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