8 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly After a Divorce

Statistics show that divorce rates in the United States have dropped every year since the early 90’s.

While this may be the case, in 2016 alone, 3.2 couples out of 1,000 divorced. That’s more than 827,000 divorces in one year.

Unfortunately, many of these divorces lead to home sales. While one spouse can often afford to buy the other out, sometimes that’s not the case.

Selling because of a divorce is the same as any other sale. But, it is often more emotional.

To help you during this difficult time, here are 8 tips for selling your home after a divorce:

1. Create an Agreement With Your Spouse

You never know what can happen during a divorce. With this in mind, create a plan with your spouse before you complete your divorce papers.

You should put this plan in writing with your attorney to avoid fights. Make sure that your lawyer is aware of your local legal requirements.

Your agreement should include a contingency plan. In it, state who handles what. Your plan should include responsibilities for:

  • Repairs in the home
  • Emergencies with the house
  • Communicating with the real estate agent
  • Conducting visits

Divide these responsibilities according to who is best equipped to deal with them. For example, if you are a people person, conduct the visits. But, if your spouse knows DIY, it is best for them to deal with any repairs.

2. Try and Work Together

When it comes to selling your home, you have to present a united front. Whatever the reason for your divorce, do your best to make the sale of your home smooth.

Work together to achieve a common goal. After all, the better you work together, the more likely you are to sell your home quickly. Not only this, you’ll most likely get the right price for it too.

Keep emotions separate and don’t sabotage your sale because of your divorce. You’ll only lose out in the long run.

3. Work With an Agent

The months before a divorce are challenging. This not the right time to try selling your home alone.

Work with an agent who has experience selling homes due to divorce. Also, an agent could make the process more democratic. Putting the responsibility of the sale in one person’s hands could spark more arguments.

Be honest with your agent and tell them your situation. It is only fair they know if the situation they are putting themselves is likely to be unpleasant.

4. Price Your House Fairly From the Get-Go

If you want to sell your home because of a divorce, price it right from the start.

The key to selling your home fast is to give it a fair and realistic price tag.

People often believe it best to set the price higher and then lower it as they receive offers. But, the result is more often than not a slower sale.

Research the price of other homes in your area and compare their condition to yours. Then, consider what price you would be happy with.

When comparing your home to others, don’t forget to look at:

  • Size
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • How long the house has been on the market
  • Whether the price is lower than the original ad

5. Update Your Home

Set expectations from the moment visitors drive up to your home. The exterior should look well kept and fresh. Consider the following:

  • Painting the front door
  • Adding new flowers
  • Paying a gardener
  • Trimming the front lawn
  • Replacing the mailbox

All the above are affordable or free changes you can make that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

But, it’s not only about the exterior.

Give the inside of your home a makeover too. If you have some spare cash, invest it in your home. This will increase the sale price considerably. Examples could include a lick of fresh paint and some new fixtures.

6. Clean and Declutter Before Selling Your Home

The less you have in your home, the bigger it will look. People like space so remove as many of your personal belongings as possible. Keep it looking homely without looking too lived in.

If you still live in your home, store knickknacks. You should also remove religious or political pieces to avoid conflict with your visitors.

Also, give your home a deep clean or hire a cleaner. Your house should look well kept.

7. Be Flexible With Visits

When selling your home, you have to be flexible. People like visiting houses on the weekends, during the holidays, and when they’re not at work.

Be ready for potential buyers when you least expect them. Also, leave them to look around the house on their own. Once you have given your visitors a tour, give them some time to think and talk about the pros and cons of the house.

8. List Your Property Online

If you hire an agent, he or she will do this for you. But, you should check that your house is listed on websites such as Realtor.com and Trulia, for example.

While online listing websites are great, don’t forget about social media. Again, your agent will post the house on the agency’s social media, but what about your own?

Sharing your home with friends and family could open new sale avenues for you.

When sharing information about your home, don’t forget about images. Homebuyers start their search by looking at photos. With this in mind, they should be high-quality and in abundance.

Snapshots from your phone may not do the trick. Ask your agent to take professional pictures or take some with a digital camera, if you have one.

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