Best Real Estate Investing Books 2017

There are good books in real estate to help with investing strategies in 2017. Sorting through what is actually useful and what is not does take some time. Whether someone is an experienced property expert or not, there is always something new to learn. This list of the best real estate investing books in 2017 is meant to simplify the research process.

1. Flip: How to Find, Fix and Sell Houses for Profit

The ability to analyze what you are buying is learned skill. Authors Villani and Davis spend a lot of time showcasing how costs are estimated. All readers learn how to find, then to analyze, the to buy, then fix and ultimately sell a property.

2. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

A person like Donald Trump is successful because he learned how to negotiate. Making a deal is harder than finding one. Author Ken McElroy leaves nothing out of the equation when helping readers learn to purchase properties to flip.

3. The Book on Managing Rental Properties

Solo buyers and husband and wife teams typically have big dreams of collecting rental checks from tenants. Cash flow can only be earned and maintained when someone learns how to manage correctly. Author Brandon Turner teaches the ins and outs of being a landlord to maximize income from a rental house.

4. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Rarely does one person do it all in the housing industry. A team effort is the best way to get things done. Gary Keller put together a lifetime of information from top multi-millionaire investors into one easy to read guide. Readers learn from proven models how to be a success in any housing market in the USA.

5. Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor

Income is only disposable income if taxes do not eat up all profits. Help with avoiding an audit, writing off expenses and understanding depreciation are all things that people purchasing homes should understand. Han and MacFarland introduce tax concepts that are not as boring as they may appear.

6. The Due Dilligence Handbook

Commercial property is a cash cow in many markets. Learning how to tackle lease agreements, avoiding hidden problems and researching potential tenants are made easier with this guide. Brian Hennessey is the expert who lays out a path for better practices for beginners or top-tier investors.

7. The Book on Rental Property Investing

362 pages and goldmine of content is what Brandon Turner, VP at Bigger Pockets, put into this guide. Wealth is only created when expenses are minimized. With proper planning, finding deals and purchasing multiple properties is possible. This text is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting into the housing market.

8. Flipping Houses for Dummies

Almost anyone can find a foreclosure list and start making offers to buy a home. The truth is that those types of deals are few and far between these days. To flip is more competitive than ever and saving time and money is key. Roberts and Kraynak do not skip the hard, necessary work needed to learn how to successfully flip a house.

9. Buying Your First Home: Nolo’s Essential Guide

While not targeted for just investors, this book does provide a ton of content to absorb. Bray, Schroeder and Stewart provide insights into mortgages, insurance, negotiating with builders, how to research a neighborhood and if a home, condo or apartment is the better choice.

10. Structuring Zero Down Deals

This e-book teaches regular people how to not spend any of their hard-earned dollars to purchase a house. Things such as buy and hold, fast flipping and how to put together an offer are all included. A special section on credit and property control is featured.

11. Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

Many adults who are first starting out like to find a deal to wholesale. Doing hardly no work and pocketing some nice funds is a great way to be lessen risks. Than Merrill teaches every concept that someone should utilize when getting into the wholesale arena.

12. Other People’s Money

Have you ever wondering how people purchase properties without using their own funds? Charles Bagli spills the beans on the entire process inside this text. This book explains the housing crisis in an in-depth way and helps adults understand what can and will go wrong in a variety of property situations.

13. How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments

This Kindle e-book overviews about 40 case studies meant to educate a new investor about buying and renting apartments. Lance Edwards instructs how to not use your own money for any deal to make things happen. If someone is ready to dive straight into the industry, this would be a good book to read.

14. Real Estate Loopholes

Sometimes, things line up and a purchase is made swiftly. In most cases, it is much harder to buy a home to rehab and rent. Kiyosaki, Sutton and Kennedy expose the common loopholes that prevent average people from prospering in most markets. Through protection of assets, taxation guidance and selection, the authors provide a good foundation to use with property investments.

15. Hold: How to Find, Buy and Rent Houses

There are 320 pages in this McGraw-Hill publication, and all of them cut right to the chase. Not every home will earn a buyer money when it is rented or sold. Making the right move and the right time is learned through education and experience. For people who want to save some time, this book leaves nothing out about how to begin a real estate investing career.

16. What Every Real Estate Investors Needs to Know

You cannot profit on any deal if there is not cash flow when the paperwork is signed. Knowing how to crunch the numbers can make or break any investor. Things such as return on equity, net operating income, cap rates and discounts are discussed in detail. Through case studies, author Frank Gallinelli proves every point.

17. Invest in Real Estate Without Banks

For many adults, trying to get one loan is problematic for a variety of reasons. Generating passive income with savvy investments is what author Marko Rubel provides in this book. Without rehabbing or dealing with tenants, a specific process is laid out for investors who prefer to have a hands-off investment solution.

18. Building Wealth One House at a Time

If the current market finally rebounds to where it was two decades ago, men and women who own more than one house will surely create more wealth. John Schaub has improved this edition by including organizing a cash flow plan. Expensive mistakes can be avoided on the road to living with financial independence.

Guide to Selecting Real Estate Books

The texts that are listed on this page are independent publications. The claims made by authors inside the books are their own. Remember that not every positive review found on a major bookstore website is factual. Use your own judgment when stockpiling the top housing industry books available in hardcover, audiobook, paperback and Kindle formats.

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