Best Probate Attorney in Jacksonville for Real Estate

Hiring an attorney in Jacksonville, FL for probate matters is a must when it comes to real estate. Whether you need a trust or best representation with a will, seeking the services of a professional will help you avoid costly mistakes. Since people rarely use phone books anymore, this list of the best probate attorney firms in Jacksonville, FL can be used as a guide.

Reasons to Choose a Probate Lawyer

1. Estate Planning

If you currently own land or a property, tying up all loose ends pertaining to ownership before you die is essential. Passing down ownership to someone else is easier than you think, but it does take a legal process that must be completed without delays.

2. Willed Real Estate

Close families members who pass away might not have a will present. Internal fighting amongst siblings about who should get what after a family member dies is common. If you received a property in Duval County due to a death in the family, hiring a probate lawyer can help you handle the property acquisition.

3. Housing Investor Advice

Most lawyers also practice in the area of business development. Since real estate is closely associated with a legal formation, people who flip houses or want to rent a property that has been willed to them often seek attorney advice. Setting up the right business structure before probate is filed can be a huge relief.

Top Attorneys Practicing Probate Law in Jax

Note: No legal professional is paying to be included in this list nor does this group represent an endorsement from All information provided is based on public listings.

1. William A. O’leary

2. Eileen Dolaghan

3. David Goldman, Esq

4. Maggie Jo Hilliard, Esq

5. Preston Oughton, Esq

6. Aaron J. Irving

7. David Petrovich Grigaltchik

8. Sarah Gulati

9. R. Kellen Bryant

10. Hollyn June Foster

11. C. Randolph Coleman

12. Christopher J. Bondani

13. Blake F. Deal III

14. Nancy Adair Cleaveland

15. Ann E. Finnell

16. Brenda B. Ezell

17. Kirsten Doolittle

18. Ashtin Henninger

19. Slott, Barker and Nussbaum

20. Brian J. Hershorin

21. Lorie L. Chism

22. Dallas Hedstrom

23. David Di Pietro & Associates

24. Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli and Pratt

25. Adam J. Dugan

26. Owenby Law

27. Katherine Schnauss Naugle

28. Beller & Bustamante

29. The Edwards Law Firm

30. Jonathan H. Goodman

31. Leonard Alterman

32. Douglas A. Oberdorfer

33. Rose Marie Preddy

34. Paul J. Healy

35. Charlene Francis

36. Cramer Law Center

37. Byrd & Byrd, LLP

38. David Craig Calley

39. Britton Law LLC

40. Eric S. Kolar

41. Fuller & Associates

42. Courtney Walters, Esq

43. Frazier & Frazier

44. J. Garfield Hurt

45. Donahoo & McMenamy

46. Marks Gray

47. Imani Boykin

48. Cameron Baker & Associates

49. Willis, Ferebe & Hutton

50. Mason Law Firm

51. Gunster Law

52. Tolson & Associates

53. Todd Watson

54. Mark E. Parsons

55. Lim & Company

56. North Florida Law Firm

57. David M. Goldman

58. Reese Marshall

59. Ryan, Marks and Stromberg

60. Bowers, Morgan and Associates

61. Grady H. Williams, Jr

62. Sandra W. Johnson

63. Bill Lally

64. Rachel Rall

65. Berg and Associates

Attorney Discipline Research in Florida

The Florida Bar keeps tracks of lawyers who receive complaints that might lead to disciplinary action. Before consulting with and paying an attorney, it can be wise to research a potential hire with help from the FL Bar website. You can find out about disbarment, license revocation, suspension, admonishment and injunctions. Between 2015 and 2016, there were 351 orders of discipline statewide.

It certainly pays to do due diligence when hiring any probate lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida.

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